EMW Engineering Services specializes in contract manufacture, project management and assembly for different ODM and OEM. To reduce your costs, we partner with a variety of tooling manufacturers who have agreed to adhere to our precise quality standards.

EMW Engineering Services Co., Ltd. is a team of talented people and highly skilled professionals founded on the concept of management, customization, convenience and total quality service. We are a full service company offering different processes for your business from prototyping to production to assembly.

Done with the product you want to make? Finding the right supplier is a challenge and this is where the things get complicated. You are dealing with people halfway around the world, with cultural and language differences, with people you just met on the internet.

Dealing with factories is preferable as they can offer cheap prices but it is very hard to get sufficient and reliable supplier information. Also, as international and local product regulations are becoming complex; it is a challenge to ensure the purchased goods are in compliance with all statutory requirements. The cultural difference, language, misunderstanding of product specifications, supplier credibility, product quality, possible delivery delay and social compliance issues are also risks you have to face with, if you are new to China sourcing.

With EMW, we help you select the right supplier to save time, money and headaches as well. We will be your representative and we deal with factories by ourselves. Our main focus is to build a long-term relationship with you and suppliers, offering you a quality product with better prices, while you are focused in growing your company.

Our team has over 10 years in manufacturing, moldmaking and exporting experience. We will provide you full assistance along the whole manufacturing and sourcing process.

Experience our team! There is nothing more powerful than talented people working together toward a common goal