Our team accompanies you from the beginning until the end – our service comprises among others consulting on design and cost optimization, the actual production as well as after sales service.


To ensure that your part is the right design and will be effective after the final production, prototyping is a must for mechanical verification purposes.

There are different prototyping processes and we can handle these jobs for you:
3D printing
SLA (Stereolithography)
SLS Selective Laser Sintering
FDM Fused Deposition Modeling
CNC Machining
EMW has highly qualified tool sources that support our commitment to swift and efficient lead times.
Need some small part molding or workable units for customers or approval? EMW can help for both small and large parts.

Our experienced moldmakers and workforce, combined with the leading edge technology, allows us to build your molds to your specifications quickly and accurately. We produce a wide range of injection molds from single cavity SPI class 103 molds to multi-cavity SPI class 101 molds, hot runner or cold runner types. Our capability ranges not only from making standard molds but including highly complicated with side actions and lifters, unscrewing molds, and insert type overmolds. 
We aim to provide cost-effective molding solutions, both hot runner and cold runner mould making, as well as custom injection plastic molded parts.

EMW offers a complete technical plastic moulding solution, for different processes – from concept to delivery – for a wide range of products and industries. 
The range of resins used in production includes just about every polymer on the market, from basic polymers to complex thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic elastomers. 
EMW has many years of experience in working with high performance materials as well.
EMW has the tools and know-how to carry out ongoing maintenance of the moulds. In addition to this services, 
EMW accepts assembly work, to partially-assembled products or final OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. The final turn-key products that we deliver have been carefully planned, manufactured, assembled, and tested for functionality.

Metal stamping
Specialising in the manufacture of high speed precision stamped components, in difficult materials, for a wide range of industry sectors.
Aluminium foil manufacturing
We produce wide variety of aluminum foil products and capable of manufacturing products according to customer requirements.
Plastic toys (Rotomolding)
We not only manufacture various rotationally molded products but custom rotational molds as well. We team up with companies with experiences, excellent engineers and designers in manufacturing plastic rotomolded parts and rotomolds. 

EPS Mold (EPS molding)
We offer custom mold manufacturing based on your requirements.